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Chevrolet Orlando

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Chevrolet Orlando

37.1 y.e / per day

The car has an interesting and memorable design. At the same time, we are uniquely recognizable as a representative of the Chevrolet family thanks to a separate radiator grille with a company emblem in the center. The front of the car is brutal in American style. The first thing that catches your eye is the highly located optics of the head light and a bumper of impressive size with a distinct air intake. The protruding wheel arches (accommodate 16-18 inch wheels) and the high side window line give the impression of massiveness and security for passengers. Designers brought the rear view of the body closer to the shape of a cube. In general, no frills: a vertical back door, strict lights. A unique feature of Orlando is the rear fog lamp mounted in the center of the bumper. In a word, the exterior turned out to be quite distinctive and energetic.

  • ABS
  • MT5/AT6
  • 185 L
  • 2
  • 466 L