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Basically, CASCO voluntary insurance covers all aspects of insurance. But, as a rule, cars are insured by three main types of coverage: damage coverage (technically called Collision Damage Waiver), theft coverage (protection against theft) and third-party coverage (liability to third parties). When you book a car, they will be standard in your transaction. The three main types of coverage come in abundance (the first part of the bill you will have to pay). Damage coverage, called the Collision Damage Waiver, only covers the car body. The engine and windows, for example, are not insured. You can buy insurance to cover your excess and / or expand your standard coverage.

Six common car insurance coverage options are: auto liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments coverage and personal injury protection.

The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Industrial Safety of Dangerous Industrial Objects” prescribes compulsory liability insurance to the companies operating the dangerous industrial objects to cover damage caused to life, health and property of the third parties and the environment.

The car is rented to the Lessee with insurance:

• civil liability (CTP);

• voluntary CASCO insurance;

Voluntary CASCO insurance is obtained separately at the request of the tenant.

  • Keep calm and stop moving
  • Call for help
  • Inspect car
  • Read your rental agreement first
  • Contact our company to replace a car.
  • Keep all receipts from all repairs made.

Call the police. As soon as you realize the car has been stolen, report it. Explain that the car is a rental. If you have the rental contract available, or if you can access information about the car provide it to the police. Describe any personal possessions that you left in the car, such as a suitcase or electronic equipment.

Call our company. Next, report the theft our company. Request the car's license number and vehicle identification number (VIN), which you will need to fill out the police report.

  • Fire Service 101
  • Police         102
  • Ambulance 103
  • MoES (Emergency situations) 1050

If someone is injured, call the police immediately. If the scene is dangerous, go to a safer location.

Notify the Landlord immediately. Call an ambulance and the police. Seek help and wait for help to arrive. Based on your state of health, you can act as you are safe.

If the main system of your rented car fails, stop the car, notify the Lessor immediately. Seek help and wait for help to arrive. Try to get to a safe place, but do not continue driving if you know that it will damage the car.

Notify the Landlord immediately. Do not rent a car for repair without first consulting a rental company.

Notify the Landlord immediately. And also, immediately call the emergency commissioner, representatives of the traffic police or the tourist police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We will attempt to cope with the restoration, repair and replacement of the rented car, if necessary, and agree with insurance companies or other persons involved in the accident.

Notify the Landlord immediately. And also, immediately call the emergency commissioner, representatives of the traffic police or the tourist police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the case of - drawing up an act or initiating a criminal case as soon as possible, no later than 5 calendar days, provide the Lessor with a copy of the decision to initiate and suspend the preliminary investigation, or a copy of the decisions to refuse to initiate a criminal case, or a copy of the decisions to initiate and prosecute as the accused, the person who harmed the car.

In case of damage as a result of an accident - to receive and not later than 2 calendar days provide the lessor: a traffic police certificate (ROVD) with information about the drivers involved in the accident, a certified copy of the accident scheme, a certified copy of the Decision on administrative responsibility, or a certified copy of the Decision on refusal to initiate an administrative case (in relation to persons who violated traffic rules, as a result of which an accident occurred).

A copy of the fine is sent to you and you must pay as soon as possible. If you are outside of Uzbekistan, you pay this amount to the Landlord. If the penalty is not paid within 30 calendar days from the date of its issue, a suspension will be imposed on your driver’s license, which may affect your insurance rates and impose additional fines on you.

Notify the Landlord immediately. If you were arrested by the police, you have the right to make a local phone call. Say that you want to remain silent and immediately ask a lawyer. Do not give any explanation or excuse. Do not say anything, do not sign anything, and do not make any decisions without a lawyer. If you have been arrested by police, you have the right to make a local phone call.

Depending on the country you’re in, you may can pay the fine online or via bank transfer.

  • A full driving licence
  • A valid photo ID (passport, ID card, driving licence)
  • Copy of the lease.

The Law on Vehicles authorizes the traffic police to check the documents for your vehicle at any time, such as a registration certificate, insurance policy, PUC certificate, and your personal documents, such as a driver’s license, as well as a copy of the rental agreement.


The driver is responsible for traffic violations and his actions. If an employee of the traffic service stops you and draws up an act of traffic violation, read it carefully and check before signing. This applies to traffic violations recorded by the online camera and radar too. The consequences of a traffic violation may include the following:
• Payment of fines;
• Attending defensive driving lessons;
• Payment of additional taxes;
• Surrendering of license;
• Gaining punitive points in the license;
• Receiving a ticket with the mentioning of fine in it;
• Fighting the charge in court;
• Insurance rates may go higher etc.
At a roundabout, traffic priority is given to those who are moving in a circle, motorists entering the circle must give way to them.
The new sign “Follow all and you can right” is placed on the right side of the traffic light and allows you to turn right without creating interference and giving way to cars moving from other directions and pedestrians.
In settlements, vehicles are allowed to travel at a speed of no more than 70 km / h, and in residential areas and surrounding areas (a plot of land between house buildings) no more than 30 km / h.
Outside of settlements, cars and trucks with an authorized maximum mass of not more than 3.5 tons are allowed - at a speed of not more than 90 km / h.
High-speed mode can be set with the installation of appropriate road signs on road sections or lanes for certain types of vehicles, if road conditions ensure safe movement at a higher speed - at a speed of not more than 100 km / h.
The driver is forbidden to use the telephone and the television monitor installed in the front of the vehicle while driving the vehicle to watch television and video programs.

The established norm of alcohol in the driver’s blood is 0.135 milligrams in exhaled air (checked by the breathalyzer), and 0.3 ppm in the blood.

Drinking and driving is prohibited in Uzbekistan. Stay sober!

The left cash deposit is refunded in whole or in part, after the car is returned, based on additional costs, for which a deposit was provided.

To sign the contract there are no additional costs. You pay for the rental car according to the number of days, within the established mileage under the contract. The cost for excess mileage is indicated in the contract and is paid additionally if any. You will pay for the number of kilometers traveled and the rental period at the rate specified in the rental agreement.

You will send us a copy of your passport and a copy of your driver’s license by email. We will prepare a contract and other documents. You will receive them at the time of car acceptance and sign the contract. The registration process is fast, but in order to be sure, we advise you to book a car in advance from 48 to 72 hours. This will help our staff to study your application and give you the right answer.

A valid driver’s license. Driver’s licenses printed with non-Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc) must be accompanied by an international driving license.

If you make an advance payment using the online payment system, you must present a payment receipt when you receive a rented car.

A valid driver’s license, a copy of a passport, and a deposit in cash and in the amount specified in the contract are required from the tenant. The deposit is left in cash and returned in cash in the left form of the currency. A credit or debit card issued in your name to leave a deposit is not accepted.

It requires 3 years of driving experience and a driver age of at least 21 years.

Nationals who are not party to the 1949 Convention require an international driver’s license.

Driving tips for Uzbekistan:

  • Keep in mind that traffic enforcers in Uzbekistan do not speak English.
  • The maximum permitted speed limit is 70 km/h on urban roads and 100 km/h on rural roads.
  • Drinking and driving is prohibited in Uzbekistan. Stay sober!
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • The following categories are allowed not to buckle up: children under the age of 12 sitting in the rear seats, the pregnant, the sick, the passengers sitting in the back seats in a taxi.
  • Talking and texting while driving is strictly forbidden.
  • You are to give way to pedestrians at uncontrolled zebra crossings.
  • You are not allowed to overtake on roads with poor visibility and at controlled intersections.

Clients residing in Uzbekistan must present a valid, unexpired state driver's license with a photograph of the client. Digital licenses are not accepted. Driving license must be valid for the entire rental period.

Minimum driver age from 21 with 3 years of driving experience. In most countries, drivers under the age of 18 will be able to book a rental car. But in the road conditions of Uzbekistan, it is necessary to be an experienced driver.

Car rental is available in Samarkand and in Bukhara. In these popular cities of Uzbekistan, you can order a car in a convenient place for you either at the airport or hotel. This makes it easy to start and end where you would like to go. Are you planning a trip that takes place over several days or several weeks? Book your trip to Uzbekistan right now and pick up your rental car at any of our airports or in the city center.

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