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Available cars


Public offer

Car rental services without a driver are provided to individuals.

Ordering a car

You can order a car on any day that suits you, in the following ways:


Required driver age of 24 years with a driving experience of at least 4 years.

Required documents

The list of required documents for obtaining a car:

Rental agreement

The company provides a lease (rental) agreement andpower of attorney for the right touse and dispose of the car in the territory of theRepublic of Uzbekistan.The original contract is drawn up in Russian, but at the request of the Client can be translated from Russian into English.

Carcompliance control system

To prevent the disenfranchised actions of third parties, the car hasvarious seals, stamps, etc. to determine the fact of an attempt to remove / replace units and car parts.

Before ordering the car, the Client is shown all the elements of a control system.

The return of the car must be carried out with the presence of whole seals and stamps.

When returning the car, the presence of whole seals and stamps is checked.

In the absence ofany stamps or breaking any of the seals, the Company has the right not to return the amount of the Mortgage.

Cost of services

Services are paid according to the approved tariffs (price per day of use)*

The daily rate is charged based on the transfer of the car to the client for 24 hours.If the lease extension is not agreed upon in advance and the Customer has exceeded the lease time is 2 hours, then rents incommunicationtoils for the next day in full.

Rates include CTP insurance, as well as car maintenance throughout the rental period (except for washing and refueling, as well as with the exception of fines imposed by the traffic police and claims of third parties).

The lease of additional equipment has its own tariff, the cost of which is added to the amount of the lease (rental) agreement.

In exceptional cases, the cost of tariffs may be changed at the discretion of the administration of the Company.

Payment for services

Payment can be made in cash or by electronic payment by credit card in national currency - SUM, in the amount of 100% prepayment of the cost of services.


In accordance with the tariffs of the company,a Mortgage (security deposit) is charged in the process of drawing up a car rental agreement.

The size of the mortgage varies depending on the type and make of the car and can be changed at the discretion of the company.

A mortgage represents funds that are transferred to the Company to ensure the risks of the Company, in case the Client does not agree or is not able to cover such risks.

The mortgage is executed by the mortgage agreement.

The mortgage provides coverage of the following risks of the Company:

The company reserves the right to determine the amount of damage caused (independently or with the assistance of trusted specialists), and deduct such from the amount of the mortgage.

The mortgage is paid at the time of transfer of the vehicle in cash and returned 2 business days after the return of thevehicle.The condition for the returnis the absence of claims by the Company, the traffic police and third parties against the Client or the car.

The return of the deposit does not relieve the Client of liability for the relevant risks of the company for the rental period.For example,fines or intentional negative actions of the Client revealed by the Company after the return of the Mortgage are also payable by the client.


All cars are insured forOSAGO risks, the cost of insurance is included in the cost of renting a car and paid by the Company.

Additional CASCO insurance can be purchased additionally.

Compensation of insurance, as well as recognition of an insured event, is subject to the strict implementation by the Client of the Rules of the insurance company.

Delivery and return of the car

Cars are presented to customers in the office of the Company.At the request of the Customer, cars are also provided withinTashkent,SamarkandandFerghana.

For the provision and return of the car outside the office, an additional fee is charged in accordance with the current tariffs of the Company.

Transfer and return of the car is carried out from 9-00 to 21-00 daily.The service for the transfer of the car outside of working hours is charged separately.

Range limit

The company can set a daily mileage limit, which is summed up during a multi-day rental.If the limit is exceeded, the Client pays the difference between the actual mileage and the limit also in accordance with the current tariffs of the Company.

In case of refusal by the Client to pay the excess of the limit, the Company may deduct such an amount from the Mortgage.

Rent period and delay of return of the car

A car is rented daily.A day is 24 hours.If the car is delayed by more than 2 hours, the Clientagrees to pay the Lessor the cost of an additional day of renting a vehicle (accordingly, the Client can use this car on an extra day if the car does not have another Client's reservation).

The company has the right to withhold the amount for the exceeded hours from the Mortgage if the client refuses to payextra days.

A rented car is allowed to be used only in the territory of theRepublic of Uzbekistan.If several people will drive the car during the rental period, at the conclusion of the contract it is necessary to provide the documents of each additional driver.

If the Client has not warned about extending the lease term 2 hours before the end of the lease term, the company reserves the right to reserve a car for a new client without warning the existing Client.

Filling and washing the car

The car is delivered to the client with a full tank of fuel and in its pure form, theClient must return the car in the same condition.

When returning the car in an unwashed condition or with an incomplete fuel tank, the Client agrees to pay for the car wash and the missing amount of fuel in accordance with the current tariffs of the Company.

In case of refusal by the Client to reimburse the specified costs, the Company may withhold such an amount from the Mortgage.

Replacing a car

If the Client detects any technical problems while using the car, the Client is obliged to contact the company immediately.

The Company's specialist must take all necessary measures to resolve the issue remotely (consultation, finding the cause of the malfunction / attempt to correct, etc.).

If such measures do not bring the proper result, and it turns out that the malfunction did not occur through the fault of the Client, the Company allocates another car of the same class.If a similar vehicle is not at the disposal of the Company, then the Client is offered another available vehicle from a different tariff category.